Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Hereby Bestow Upon Swiftee the Pulitzer Prize

ZOMG!!!11! The Center for Independent Media (parent of the local Minnesoros Dependent) has won a major award, as reported by The Minnesoros Dependent (a subsidiary of the Center for Independent Media):

The Washington, D.C.–based Center for Public Integrity salutes MnIndy’s parent nonprofit, the Center for Independent Media, and the Minneapolis-based citizen videoblogging outlet The UpTake in its “Top 10 Website of 2008″ list today. Citing media “from projects to blogs to websites that help keep our country transparent,” the investigative journalism organization named the entire six-site CIM network, but specifically applauded our sister site in Michigan: “Their reporting on plans for vote suppression in Michigan (via the Michigan Messenger) kicked up controversy, but they’re doing a good job of sticking on stories that other outlets might ignore.” The UpTake gets props for keeping “political junkies across the world abreast of every minute of the five-person Minnesota recount committee’s deliberations about Franken, Coleman, and Lizard People.”

You already know where this is going.

The Center for Public Integrity is another George Soros joint. Add another one to the list.

I'd mute the celebration. You really shouldn't do an end zone dance when you just got the equivalent of the coach handing you the game ball. Or put another way: the "award" is not so much a recognition of excellence as it is a cross-promotional marketing gimmick.

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