Friday, December 19, 2008

Kicking a Year in the Balls: KAR in 2008 - Part 4

Relive the magic for the first time.


4/1 - Leftyboners call Foot a racist. Foot challenges leftyboners to find one racist thing he's ever written. Leftyboners never heard from again. This is what leftyboners like to call: "debate".

4/2 - Local leftblogger who typically struggles with putting words together for more than a few sentences, proclaims that Michael Brodkorb struggles with putting words together for more than a few sentences. FAILarity ensues. LearnedFoot confident there will be a callback joke about this in the December recap.

4/3 - Hoisting retards on their own petards by their nards not all that hard.

4/4 - Bunk those beautiful boobies in bacon babe.

4/5 - Mrs. Foot's first ever ThunderJournal post. Bonus: she calls Foot a "doofus".

4/7 - "Sooz. Bubbie. Have a beer and get a fucking life."

The Star Tribune joins Andy Aplikowski in being unable to spell Andy Aplikowski's name.

4/8 - KAR hoists debat beetwen teh 4mer mayer an Flesh.

4/9 - Moron mailer defiles logic worse than an Iowa housewife in a Metrodome restroom.

4/14 - Foot attends his first roller derby bout. Finds the restrooms to be unconducive to banging of Iowa cougars.

Teh Andee rides an elephant; makes the mistake of having picture taken.

4/15 - MonMonkey OUTRAGED that governor wants to cut funding to the Como Zoo. Presumably because his cage hasn't been cleaned in a while.

4/18 - Liberal Think Tanks: a vital part of our community. No, seriously. Some douchebag actually believes that. Of course, his paycheck comes from a liberal think tank.

4/21 - From her statement we can only conclude that Ms. Young does not believe that a website dedicated to the slandering of a single freshman Congresswoman is not a "fringe" blog. How rediculous! READ MY BLOG!

4/22 - KAR's handy Earth Day Earth-saving tips. Don't waste water by flushing that toilet. Use that private stall to screw some housewife instead of peeing.

4/23 - Fleen fails. Fuck.

4/24 - Anal Kid predicts that Hillary Clinton will get the nomination, Favre to remain retired.

4/25 - Greatest. FAIL. Graphic. Ever.

4/29 - Leftyblogger uses Feldman in an inappropriate and unseemly way. No, not that Feldman. You'd need a dick for that.

Q: What's the difference between a lobbying organization for South American terrorists and the Staff of the Minnesoros Dependent? A: Different continents, duh.

4/30 - Joe Bodell apologizes to LearnedFoot and 95% of the MOB for being such a dickweasel. Just kidding! He publishes a post with more fantasy-based slander and pseudo-intellectual bullshit he read in a book by some obscure left-wing polemicist nobody's ever heard of.

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