Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Musings from Frodoplasm

I had a post about the Vikings all set to go. Unfortunately I dropped it. So here's a bunch of random stuff.


Speaking of football, the Detroit Lions have become the first NFL team to go 0-15. The only real suspense left is which wide receiver they'll take with their #1 draft pick.


Alert reader Yostie points us to this article, decrying the fact that the only minority group that's still PC to mock is Italian-Americans:

Last Sunday, ESPN was providing that day's NFL highlights, including a blocked punt that was returned by Bucs DB Sabby (Sabatino) Piscitelli. Over this footage, ESPN anchor and signature personality Chris Berman said, "And he goes all the way to the 22-yard line."

Except, as Berman said this, he stepped into a stereotypical "deeze and doze" Brooklyn-Italian accent; he cleverly attached an uncultured and uneducated Italian-American dialect to the name Piscitelli.

I take this to mean that only dagos from Brooklyn are uncultured and uneducated. Yougottaproblemwitdat?


Can Pixar do anything wrong? Mrs. Foot recently purchased Wall-E on DVD, and I gotta say that it may be the best Pixar opus yet. Even the closing sequences running during the credits were far more brilliant than 99% of the crap Hollywood puts on the screen between the opening titles and closing credits. The Peter Gabriel song didn't hurt either.

I think this is the 9th or 10th feature-length movie Pixar has released and there hasn't been a clunker among them. At some point, the law of averages has got to catch up with Pixar, and that studio will release a turd. When that happens, I fully expect it will be a cleverly-conceived, expertly-plotted, well-written and beautifully-rendered turd, given their track record.


Twitter is like a Sisyphus Open Thread where YOU can be Sisyphus. The democratization of the internet is complete.


During this Blessed Holiday Season, we all must take stock in how lucky we have it nowadays. Why, it was only 30 years ago that we had to endure the Star Wars Christmas Special. We've come a long way from those dark, dark times.


In the wake of the last internecine BlogWar©, I have noticed that certain formerly anonymous bloggers have started behaving themselves. So maybe all that ugliness wasn't for naught. There's something about having your actual identity associated with your words to awaken the little editor within.

In fact, I'm so inspired by this new found civility and moved by the Spirit of the Season, that I will voluntarily divulge my real name; the man behind the Foot. Lefty hatchetbloggers, start your search engines! My real name is:

Frodoplasm Belchfucker.

Now you know why I use a pseudonym. Thanks Dad.

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