Thursday, December 04, 2008

You'd Be Better Off Alone If I'm Not Who You'd Thought I'd Be

After a 3 week sabbatical, the drama at the soon-to-be non-nonprofit Minnesoros Dependent ramps up anew

Steve Perry, News Editor of Minnesota Independent, has resigned, according to knowledgeable sources.

Oh, please please PLEASE tell me he's resigning so he can go on a reunion tour with Journey!

This is the other shoe dropping after MnIndy's parent, Center for Independent Media, announced last month that the staff was being pared, freelance budget eliminated, and editing centralized in Washington, D.C.Ironically, one of the laid-off staffers, Andy Birkey, will rejoin the four-person MnIndy staff to replace Perry.

Lessons taught but never learned...

(First person to name the source of that obscure lyric gets an all-expenses-paid public restroom tryst with an Iron Iowa matron)

CIM, a nonprofit, has been under fire locally for badgering its staff to, in the words of ex-freelancer Britt Robson, run "stories that embarrassed Republicans and promoted Democrats."

That ran counter to Perry's "pox-on-all-power" ethos honed to a knife's edge during his many years as City Pages' editor

To be accurate, his pox was directed in one direction way more than the other.

If Perry doesn't hook back up with Neil Schon and the boys, maybe he'll resurrect the Daily Mole and return to publishing the dissociative ravings of Karl Bremmer.

We can only hope.

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