Thursday, January 15, 2009

Behind the Mirth: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Collaborative Creative Process at KAR

The following is the actual e-mail exchange between LearnedFoot (LF) and Iron Matron (IM) in which they discussed the design of the epic Blogs for Mirth Day logo.

IM: Hey Foot, Here’s a large and small logo. Likey? (Picture attached featuring a rather vanilla "Mask of Comedy" motif.)

LF: I'm looking for sommething a little more crass...

Keep the area where the word "Mirth" appears blank, as I haven't settled on that name yet. For some reason, I'm really taken by "Blogs for More Amusing Drivel" day.

But above all, I'm looking for crass. Maybe a daisy chain of dirty mushrooms? Play around with that idea.

IM: Not a lot of good moons to be had out there, but I found this shot (Harry Potter actor from Equus). How does this work?

I like Mirth myself – short and sweet. Still want a blank version? (Attachment)

LF: Thinking about it...

Maybe you could have him holding a big double-ended dong ion one hand and a toilet scrubber brush in the other?

(Probably should also add a small black (CENSORED) bar over his tuchus)

LF: On second thought, censor his butt with a yellow smiley face.

IM: Or a stop poop sign? I’ll play and send over soon...

IM: Here ya go! (Attachments)

LF: Yes. I like the Stop Poop sign!

IM: Here you be! (Attachments)

LF: I'm waiting on the dong and toilet brush...

IM: Do you want a realistic dong or a toy?

LF: You know what I'm talking about. A rubbery red double-ended dildo. Just do a Google Image Search with the safeties off, and I'll bet you'll get all kinds of fodder.

If you really want to have fun, do that search with your hubby looking over your shoulder. He'll give you all kinds of attention.

And don't forget the toilet scrubber.

IM: I did a search, and boy howdy! I’m not sure if it translates well, but I found a colorful one and here’s that rendition. (Attachment)

LF: Can you find a more gelatinous one and kind of droop it over his hand between his thumb and forefinger?

Sorry for all the back and forth, but as you know, when it comes to KAR, I demand excellence.

LF: Oh, and you forgot the poop sign over his butt.


IM: I shall look for flaccid and replace the sign.

I’ll send something a bit later. Gotta run. :-D

LF: A flaccid, floppy jelly dong is what you seek. Preferably red.

I will be publishing this email chain on KAR because it's too damn funny.

IM: I found anal beads!!!1!


Here’s a new graphique. (Attachment)

LF: I like what you've done here, but I must confess, that if you didn't tell me those were anal beads, I would never have known it. Can't you find a pic of a long floppy jelly dong?

IM: That’s just it – I couldn’t. All are stiff and most images are of low-resolution quality. I was so happy to find a larger pic. Tell you what. If you can find one, send a link over.

Sorry this is so “hard.” :-)

LF: As I am at work, it will have to wait for later. Couldn't you just use a "stiff" one and bend it in Photoshop to make it look floppy before you insert it (*snicker*) in the image?

IM: Hey Fut, I’m out of gas (heading to the couch to rest).

I hope this one will do. (Attachments)

LF: Perfect! Thanks.

There's a special place in heaven for you!

IM: Until searching for that image, I never thought I’d see so many weird toys.

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