Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogs for Mirth FAQ

So what's the deal with this Bolgs for Mirth Day, anyway?

What's a "bolg"?

Sorry, that was a typo. Please don't be obtuse. You know damn well what I was talking about.

Right-o. Blogs for Mirth Day is a day for all sane bloggers who know their areas of expertise and the limitations thereon to protest other bloggers who use their online journals to either bloviate self-importantly about things they know nothing about as if their scribblings were Revealed Truth, or to publicly flog their juvenile axe-grinding against some person or idea. In short it is an anti-crapblog day.

So there will be no blogging then?

Ho no! There will be blogging. Lots of it. But instead of blogging about politics, current affairs or American Idol, participating bloggers are invited to publish silly, crass, or crassly silly posts the entire day. All BFM Day posts should slavishly adhere to the twin virtues of irreverence and irrelevance.

Examples please?

Well, say you run a blog that concerns itself with local politics. On BFM Day, instead of posting that 5,000 word essay about Tax Increment Financing or why Norm Coleman is a crapweasel you might write about the existential implication of that growth in your armpit. Or maybe a wine review in which you try to write the entire post without using the letter 't'.

I am a Professor of Economics at a minor regional university whose hockey team routinely plays bitch to the University of Minnesota's. I have a reputation to uphold, so I can't exactly write crass things, and my readers have no interest in wine or my armpit polyps. Can I still participate?

Yes! You don't need to be crass. You can be silly. Maybe even Dadaist. Perhaps you could write a long post consisting entirely of the word "purple". Or try your hand at poetry by writing sonnets about people engaged in public urination. The stupider the better! And the sky's the limit.

I am a liberal douchewad. Can I still participate in Blogs for Mirth Day?

Of course. BFMD is an ecumenical blogswarm. Wingnuts and moonbats alike are welcome to participate.

I live in Lake Mary, Florida. Can I participate?

Yes. I want this to go national.

I live in Canada, eh. What aboot me?

Or world wide. Get in touch with your inner hoser!

So what do you plan to accomplish by having a bunch of bloggers writing about armpit growths and whatnot?

The sanity that can only come from surfing the internet for a day without wanting to choke the living shit out of some condescending a-hole blogger.

I'm the Mayor of a state-based alliance of bloggers in the upper-midwest. Do I have to do this?


I routinely write about excrement and post pictures of my ass on my ThunderJournal. How will people know that I am participating in BFMD rather than just publishing my normal stuff?

KAR will provide a graphic that you can include in all your BFMD posts. Stay tuned.

What other benefits other than the obvious psychic ones can I derive from participating in BFMD?

Shoot KAR an email or comment to let me know you've made a BFMD post and we will link to your blog. This could goose your traffic by as much as three hits.

When is Blogs for Mirth Day again?

Thursday, January 22, 2009.

Why is OPG now called "Elder Dumper?

This FAQ is over!

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