Friday, January 02, 2009

Breaking News in the Case of the Iowa Cougar!1!1!1!

Bad news for those of us obsessively following IowaCougarMetrodomeRestroomSexgate. The Iowa housewife who boffed a(nother) drunken Iowa fan in a Metrodome stall shortly before Thanksgiving during the Hawkeyes-Gophers debacle has wisely declined her attorney's advice to fight her ticket, and decided to stop providing KAR with material. According to court records, Ms Feldman's guilty plea was entered on New Year's Eve (think she tippled that night?) and she paid her fine.

(Since the Minnesota court records site does not provide permalinks, you can go here, and do a defendant name search on the criminal / petty / traffic page.)

A similar search for her, uh, accomplice returns nothing. Maybe he's planning on fighting his citation, so not all hope is lost.

Apparently the fine for getting some in a public restroom in Minnesota is $300. Shit, they could have gotten a room at the W for that.

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