Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Come On In, the Kool-Aid's Warm!!1!

Found at Rush Limbaugh's site:

Parents in Wake County, North Carolina, at an elementary school there, kids "will be required to eat in classrooms on Tuesday so they can spend two hours watching the [immaculation] on TV." Another school is going to force the kids to eat lunch at 10:30 so that they can watch this uninterrupted. They're then going to be required to write a paper about the historical significance of this. These will be displayed on a bulletin board somewhere. This will make sure the project is carried out, and some parents are saying that they're going to keep kids home if the school doesn't show it. Some say they won't come if it is shown. I thought we were all together in this. This has never before been a requirement at schools that I know of, not Reagan, Bush, Clinton, or Bush. But the oath of office doesn't seem to be the thing. But no, they're going to watch the whole thing, the parade and all that. They must, and they're going to write essays about it.

We at KAR shall continue to make you watch this.

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