Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Franken Shill Fakes "Fake" Crashed Website Story.

Aaron Landry at Pooplius thinks he's got, er...something:

Today, Team Coleman’s blogger at MDE, Ryan Flynn, posted a tidbit today:

ST PAUL – Information recently added to the Coleman for Senate website, whereby people can find out which Minnesota voters the Franken campaign is trying to disenfranchise, has resulted in the website being inundated by tens of thousands of hits today – temporarily crashing the website.[end block quote]

They’re completely lying. Here’s why:

1. has handled much, much more traffic before. (Note that each “visitor” generates numerous “hits.”) Why is it a problem now?

Because the site got linked to at the Drudge Report.

Link in the middle goes to the Coleman site in question.

Landry's lying (or, alternatively he's just another dumbass political hack) (or both, actually). Here's why:

Crashing tends to happen to websites not designed to handle 100,000 visitors at once, when Drudge sends 100,000 visitors at them.

Aaron Landry: lying liar telling lies. Liar.

UPDATE: Well of course SorosNet would copy and paste the Franken version of the story without asking questions. That's what they get paid for. Because, you know, crashing has never ever happened to a website before now.

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