Monday, January 05, 2009

Paying the Year to Stay Retired: KAR 2008 in Review Part Ocho

Uno page-o.


8/1 - Thoroughly enjoying his retirement, Brett Favre reports to Packers training camp. OPG comes out of retirement for one last go at it.

8/4 - OPG refuses KAR offer of a case of beer to stay retired. Favre considers blogging for KAR. Al Franken still not a Senator.

Anarchists release cryptic communique hinting that they plan on descending on the Xcel Energy Center to get some hot Iowa housewife tail in the arena's restrooms. Or something.

8/5 - Nutbar blogger orchestrates DOS attack on Teh Andee's blog. At least that's what The Voices say. In other news, it's only 5 days into the new month and August has already gone completely off the rails.

8/6 - Why you should never take it up the pooper from a stranger in a Metrodome lavatory.

8/8 - Ryan gets married. KAR has the wedding pics.

8/9 - Having seen the wedding pics, the new Mrs. Rhodes files for divorce.

8/11 - Al Franken's St. Cloud campaign stop blacked out by the NFL. It looks as though only a miracle or a friendly Secretary of State can save his campaign now.

LearnedFoot explains that while KAR does tend to work blue, we do try avoid being gratuitously profane, you cunt.

8/12 - Remember way back when, when gas prices were so high that they inspired stupid policy proposals and even stupider letters? *sigh* Good times. Good times.

8/13 - Awesome puppetry, giant polar bears, Dick Cheney's head on a stick and ugly chicks wearing strap-ons. No, it's not date night at Minnesota Progressive Project.

8/15 - It's like a KAR post, except it doesn't say "poop"!

8/18 - In the least ironic blog post ever, LearnedFoot announces that he's taken up craps.

8/19 - KAR found to be more diverse than Minnesoros Independent. (LearnedFoot had a nice tan that day.)

8/21 - The post that continues to launch a thousand comment windows.

8/26 - Seattle blocks off residential streets in the middle of a rainy day to raise awareness of Mass Transit, the exercise you can get by getting out of your car to move street barricades.

8/29 - "Perhaps Obama could send Wally the beerman over as a countermove." Wait...what?

Sarah Palin brings exective experience, boobies, to GOP ticket. Feminists everywhere claim she lacks experience after finding out she's a Republican.

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