Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served by a Clod

HA HA! Take THAT America!

Remember back when "we" here in Minnesota elected that doofus Jesse Ventura? You all chuckled at us, amused that such an ridiculous outlier could be elected to run a mid-major state. You stood there laughing or clucking your tongues with a bit of Schadenfreude as Gov. Doofus held press conferences where he talked about his underwear preferences (none) and his preferred hunting quarry (man). But the amusement was just that; not horror because no matter what absurdities Ventura threw out next, at least the ramifications wouldn't touch anything beyond Minnesota's borders. "Oh those wacky Minnesotans!" you patronized. "What will will they do next?"

Here's what we did next.

How you like us now? The shoe's on the other foot now, isn't it bitches???!!!

Because unlike the relatively benign office of a state governor, the United States Senate affects policy and law that touches us all. And that means that our electorate's unique combination of deeply pathological Democrat loyalty and functional retarditude (that may not be a real word, but it is now), is binding on all of you no matter where you live in the good old U S of A. Yep, because of our deep, deep dysfunction here in the Lutefisk State you too are stuck with the insipid result...


Suck it America! Not laughing any more, are ya'?

Now I'm not going to titter and whine about the rather suspicious recount process. That's not my bag. I will just pause here to point out that had the circumstances been reversed - i.e. a 500 vote swing from the election day results put the GOP candidate in the Senate - it's a sure bet that the usual hypocritical jerkasses who make up the left wing political commentariat would be kvetching and whining daily for the next 4 years. That's hardly speculation since they just got done spending the last eight years bitching about another election.

Back on topic.

Jesse Ventura was a cute diversion that was largely harmless. But now you get to suffer with all of us through a six year term won by a carpetbagging rage-addicted polemicist who ran one of the sleaziest and most dishonest campaigns I've ever seen. FWIW, my personal favorite Al Franken Campaign Moment was when the complaint for that phony trumped up lawsuit supposedly implicating Norm Coleman in something-or-other was mailed to the Star Tribune before it was even filed in the Texas court where it is to be venued (presumably until it is voluntarily withdrawn once Franken takes his seat). Sure, you can say that Franken's campaign had nothing to do with that. But then again, Hitler didn't talk to a lot of his Nazi death camp personnel either.

So as a result we get Senator Franken. A guy who promised all the far left-wing politics of his hero Paul Wellstone, with none of Wellstone's affability or integrity.

Wow! The best of both worlds!

Last night, in a statement to the press Franken said: "I work for you now".

He sure does. He works for us all.

In. Your. Face. Haters.

Maybe now you'll all think twice before seeing any entertainment value in the electoral brain farts of us rubes up her in the Great White North.

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