Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Predictions


Not about the game (Steelers will kill). I'd like your predictions on what dumbass statements will come out of our Senator A-Klo as she watches the game with P-Bo:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is one of the chosen few members of Congress who will join President Obama Sunday night at the White House to watch the Super Bowl.

"I thought maybe they'd have a big screen," Klobuchar quipped today.

No Amy, they'll pass around Obama's new Blackberry with a 2.5 inch screen. Endzone dance: a dumbass statement out of the gate before the game even starts!

She will attend the party with her husband and daughter. But the Minnesota Democrat and Obama will be cheering for different teams. "Even though the president is going with Pittsburgh, I figured I'd be contrary and go with Arizona," she said.

Why? Arizona is the underdog, and star Cardinal wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is a Minnesota native, she said.

Wow. Amy's got her game on! There's number two.

Politico reported Friday the Super Bowl party is one of a wide range of strategies that Obama and his top aides are using to ensure that Congress passes his massive economic stimulus package. Klobuchar will be part of an ideologically diverse group that includes conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats.

Creative time: Come up with your A-Klo dumbass quip and post in the comments section.

I'll start:

"I like Arizona's mascot. We have those in Minnesota."

"I really like your massive stimulus package, Mr. President!!1!"

LEARNEDFOOT ADDS: Paul from Plymouth writes in with what he thinks may be the winner.

After the Super Bowl and the office, KARE 11 showed a clip of Amy talking about the White House Super Bowl Party. I am paraphrasing, hopefully you can find the exact quote. It reveals a very special level of idiocy:

"My daughter is excited because she will get to meet the Obama girls, who are 10 and 7. She's 13 and is looking for the opportunity to babysit. I had to remind her that even though she's older, the oldest Obama girl is an inch or two taller than her."

WTF? I hope she was really drunk when she said this. That would be the only excuse I would accept.

If anyone finds that clip, let us know. But be sure to shout - we're rather tall.

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