Friday, October 09, 2009

Bodily Functions - Week in Review

I realized I haven't posted on poop in a while. Here's a rec(r)ap:

ANA(L) airlines

Japanese airline All Nippon wants passengers to use bathroom pre-flight to cut carbon emissions

We got your emissions right here, ANA. I hope passengers all enjoy a Chipotle before boarding, so as to clog the toilets and fill the cabin with anal-charged aromatherapy.

I'm Number One!!!1!
Borrowing and using a catheter during a race should not cause even a wee bit of trouble, meaning that the 81-year-old age-division winner in Sunday's Twin Cities Marathon avoids disqualification, officials said Thursday.
I know I'm relieved. Ba dum BUM.

Finally, enjoy this before you head out to Chipotle for lunch. Update: YouTube pulled the link below for copyrights, so watch the clip here.

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