Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm so glad we had this time together

Dear KARnies,

We've seen a lot of moving about and jumping out of the blogosphere this past year. Foot moved on to infrequent posting at Nihilist, Nihilist to Fraters, Bogus Doug went to Shot in the Dark, King Banananananaiiiiiiian moving around radio stations, etc. As Foot noted early this year, it is hard to thunderblog and have a life with the demanding mistress that blogging can be:
With geometrically increasing work responsibilities, an awesome family and much lower tolerance for exposing myself to the abject stupidity that served as so much fodder for this ThunderJournal over the last 4-plus years, I simply cannot do that anymore.
I'm in the same position, and something had to give. It is with a heavy fart, er - heart that I announce my retirement from Kool-Aid Report (yeah, I'll waffle like Favre). I'd like to thank Foot for the honor of adding me to his stable of awesome spewers of mirth. I really enjoyed the art direction duties of creating banners, buttons and the occasional PhotoShop of Ryan's ass. This one will always be one of my favorites, because it made fellow MOBster Brad Carlson spew diet coke through his nose:

Foot still runs the show here, and I will repeat his invitation to KAR posters:
I'm not shutting KAR down, so anyone who has permissions to post here, may continue to do so.
That leaves Garcia's head, The Analog Kid, and occasionally our dear leader. And there's always the thousands of thought-provoking, coffee-spewing archives from Foot & co. to enjoy (see right sidebar).

The good news: I'm keeping my Twitter account and you can read Foot's and my tweeties in the right sidebar here. Follow me if you dare (some links not safe for work - but I'll warn you. Maybe).

Thanks for the laughs, the comments, and your readership. See you on Twitter.

With unFAILing love, Cleveland Steamers and mirth,

Iron Matron

The. End. See yous guys at the next MiLF or at Keegan's patio.

PS: And don't forget to give generously to KAR's favorite cause: IBD.

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