Wednesday, October 19, 2011



No, not exactly.  There was some light; like that which seeps through around the edges of a black-out shade. Enough light to see there was nothing.

He was there, rising and descending in the ether. Not crashing to earth or tumbling off into whatever.  Just floating. He was neither being nor nothing.  He knew - if that was the correct word for it - that he was something. Cognito ergo sum. He was.

Or wasn't.  He gouldn't be sure. But he was here, wherever "here" was. He knew he wasn't "there" - a sunny beach, a skyscraper, a lavatory.  

So he was or he wasn't, here or anywhere, wherever any of those things were or weren't, unlit or otherwise.  And this narration has gone completely off the fucking rails. 


He heard a voice.

Continued (Friday)...


Anonymous said...

This scared me. Or at least left me nonplussed, but in a frightening way.

Did you pick the verification word? And is "abuggers" even a word?

Leo Pusateri said...

Welcome back to the land of blog. The verification word is, "antyper"