Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The MOB is Dead. Long Live the ORGASMB!

UPDATE: WELCOME DUMP BACHMANN WINDOWLICKERS!!! Speaking of kooks and nutballs...

Now that you're here, please go away and return to stalking people or seething in impotent rage in your basements, or whatever the hell it is you do. But do please say "hi" to former Screw magazine "cartoonist" Ken Weiner for me! Then watch him jump into the closet and hide like a little girl at the very mention of me!



Perusing the postings by several folks in the Minnesota Organization of Blogs Facebook page and elsewhere, I have made a regrettable observation:
The MOB has achieved a critical mass of crackpots and kooks.  It's time to bail. 

The impetus of my epiphany came for the following exchange.  My first, and last on that forum.  The context is unimportant.

KOOK 1: Blah blah blah BLAH BLAH blah blah THE JEWS!!!!! blah blah blah blah [indecipherable conspiracy nonsense] blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!

KOOK 2:  [Nearly iindecipherable declaration of approval for Kook 1's assertions, along with more nonsense expressed through a slew of misspelled words.] RON PAUL!!!!!

ME:  We need a MOB Facebook page for non-lunatics. 

[What follows is - I shit you not - the verbatim replies to my admittedly provocative comment.]

KOOK 1:  For Foot, ignorance is bliss! Have fun in your circle jerk!

KOOK 2:  @foot your funny why don't we delete your posts at every turn and shut your mike off when u speak and when u eventually do I'll label u a fascist freak...

ME:  Like I said...

KOOK 1:   Lucky for me, Foot, you or those that DO NOT THINK FOR THEMSELVES do not define me. You describe yourself well!

Diversifi your infolio, otherwise you are just talking to yourself!

[Note: after this exchange, I deleted my comments so that it looks like the Kooks are talking to themselves.  Just like when they're offline.]

I don't want to be associated with these insane knee jerkers any more.  I therefore and hereby with all due speed, humility and regret secede from the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers effective immediately. The MOB is over, most of you just don't know it yet.

However, as nature abhors a vacuum, I have created a new blog alliance that can be sucked into the place of esteem the once-great MOB once held.  I invite all bloggers of goodwill, sanity and - most importantly - coherent thought to join me in the new Organization of Really Great And Sane Minnesota Bloggers. We even have a Facebook page.  It is a closed group requiring moderator approval to join.  That way, we can keep the kooks out.  While the insane political types can be amusing to watch, like Jesse Ventura, they should never be allowed to influence anything or make themselves representatives of the whole because of their outspokenness.  Like Jesse Ventura.

I am now accepting applications for this new blog alliance.  You're blog is guaranteed acceptance if you meet the following three requirements: 1) You don't believe that America is run by a cabal of Jewish bankers bent on world domination; B) You are otherwise free from paranoid delusions; and 4) you can construct a coherent sentence with passable grammar and most of the words spelled correctly (sorry Teh Andee).  You can apply in the comments to this post or on the Facebook page.


Cosmo Insolocco said...

Will there be Fleen?

Ben said...

I'd like to join