Thursday, November 17, 2011


In a move that can only be attributed to the return of KAR and the existential threat that bore on its mission, longtime KAR pincushion The Minnesotaoros Monitor "Independent" is calling the dogs and pissing on the campfire:

I am writing today to announce the closure of the Minnesota Independent. After five years of operation in Minnesota, the board of the American Independent News Network, has decided to shift publication of its news into a single site, The American Independent at

Ah, taking it national! This will inevitably lead to literally tens of people throughout the country frequently mumbling "Who the hell is Bradlee Dean and why do these hunyucks keep writing about him?"

This is part of a shift in strategy, towards new forms of journalism made available as technology has advanced,

So now they're going to beam leftist BS masquerading as "news" directly into your brains now, apparently.

and an increasing emphasis on national coverage and issue-based coverage from our network.

Because the glorious advance of technology has made local politics obsolete!

Over the coming months, AINN will announce a number of new journalism initiatives that will continue to advance our mission of producing impact journalism in the public interest.

More concentrated Sorosbucks and a tab on the webpage dedicated exclusively to Bradlee Dean!

To some this move may seem to mean that The Center for "Independent" Media (or whatever Orwellian moniker they go by now) sees Their Guy in the White House in trouble a year out of the election and decided their resources might be more effectively marshaled toward helping get his sorry ass reelected rather than by constantly reporting on every bowel movement of some third-rate kook radio preacher. Oh, and the Republican primaries are about a month away too...
But those familiar with KAR know better.  They know: we scared them shitless.
I'd like to thank Ryan (AKA "Xerxes") and Mitch over at Shot in the Dark who contributed to this victory through their persistent mocking and cajoling of the CIM (OWOMTGBN) over the years.  While KAR could have done it without you, it may have taken longer.


Swiftee said...

Means that teh Andee Birkey has to go back to selling his ass on Hennepin. I'm sure his parents are thrilled.

Swiftee said...

Oh. oh. oh! Any chance we can jack the URL and post a Poop sign?