Thursday, December 01, 2011

Paulbots Can Teach Us a Lot About Something or Other

NOTE: The following post has been Google-proofed for the author's sanity.

In the past couple weeks, I have learned the following things thanks to disciples acolytes worshipers fanatics supporters of perenial presidential also-ran R0n P@u1.  This is more a recap than anything:

1. Jews hate Sharia law because Sharia law forbids demand or payment of interest and all Jews are bankers.

2. "They" (whomever that is) delete or censor everything from freedom loving Americans, or something.

3. I, among other things:

a) Am ignorant;

b) Involved in some sort of "circle jerk" (whatever that is, but I sure hope he didn't mean the Urban Dictionary definition of that term);

c)  Don't think for myself;

d) Need my "infolio divirsified" (I have no idea).

4. The CIA is responsible for everything that has gone on in Egypt in the past few months.

5.  Any politician anywhere who ever had a lapse of judgement or deviated the even the slightest iota from 100% snow-white pure Libertarian orthodoxy is the devil spawn; satan incarnate walking amongst us, whose very existance debases us all.

6. Just a general observation: why be merely wrought when you can be overwrought?

Those R0n P@u1 folks sure know a lot of stuff no one else knows about!

I think this may become a regular feature.

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