Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unions Exist to Protect, Assault, the Little Guy

Anybody who has seen coverage of the Wisconsin public unions' extended hissy fits relating to Wisconsin's collective bargaining reform (and subsequent gubernatorial recall effort) need no further evidence that this crowd is comprised of mouth-breathing zealots who will stop at nothing to fight for their rights to not have to contribute to their own health care plans.

But here's some anyway:

Kenosha teacher featured in an ad for Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that she's not sure if she'd do it again.

In her first interview with WISN 12 News, Kristi LaCroix, a teacher at Lakeview Technology Academy in the Kenosha School District, revealed the threats she has received since the ad was launched just before Thanksgiving.

Because solidarity means never having to have a conscience.

"You are alone in the wilderness," one person wrote to her in an email. "Your best bet is to start a job search soon. Better hope the unemployment gets extended. Enjoy your isolation."

Well that's not so bad.  Just a statement of fact: when you take sides against the family union, expect to get squashed. I mean it's not like a threat of bodily harm or something like that.

She told 12 News that she has been blistered by negative and vicious emails and phone messages at school and on Facebook, including one suggesting she get protection.

Ah, there it is.

"I just want to go in my classroom and teach," LaCroix said, "I get it now, why people don't speak up."

That's exactly what they're counting on. The Democrats they continually bribe contribute to to keep the public cash flowing all got chased from office.  Intimidation's all they've got left.


Anonymous said...

This is a situation for which there is an answer called the "Lady Smith".

So stylish.

Ben said...

One cannot stray too far from the plantation, otherwise they get whipped bad. And the democrats call us intolerant...