Thursday, February 02, 2012

Extremely Narrow and Incredibly Dumb

R0n P@u1 may be a decent candidate and a decent guy.  I have no way of knowing this for sure since his primary campaign messaging system seems to be the evangelizing of his most ardent supporters.  If that is indeed his strategy, he needs to hire a bigtime PR firm right now.  Ideally, it would be a PR company that specializes in running around duct taping the mouths of all your most ardent supporters shut.

You know them: they speak or write in a stilted, sage-like tone imbued with the absolutely certainty that they have All the Answers. Even when they are bloviating about how the Fed is unconstitutional (it's not), or pontificating on their infallible interpretation of the Constitution (almost always wrong), or about how Jews hate Sharia law because Sharia law forbids payment interest and the Jews are all bankers (they, er - ah just stick an icepick in my eye), they come across with a certain smug attitude that can only come from someone who lives in a world completely devoid of shades of grey.

That was all a long way of saying that they are, or should be, extremely annoying to anyone who has had to think critically about anything ever.  If you think, for example, that there should be at least some kind of public safety net, since it's not in the national interest to have corpses of people who've died of starvation rotting in the gutters, why then YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF LIBERTY AND SHOULD GO TO CUBA YOU COMMIE LIBERTY HATING LIBERTY HATER!

Which brings us to the following tweets that somehow got wedged into my timeline the other day:

Their keynote speaker [Allen West, I think -ed.] is right in line with at least one of the dinner's fascist namesakes. Who needs Habeas Corpus?

This tweet was regarding some Minnesota GOP confab called the "Reagan-Lincoln Dinner".  I think.  Inside baseballers can correct me if I'm wrong.  But I'm sure that it's the "Lincoln-Reagan" something.

This tweet from someone else soon followed:

Look at the name of the dinner-- #Lincoln would have loved #NDAA. He was all over baseless, unconstitutional detentions.

Lincoln was a...


Because he suspended the writ of habeas corpus -

Hang on here a sec.  I need to put my brain back in my head.


There. Continuing where I left off.

suspended the writ of habeas corpus (big inhale) DURING A CIVIL-FUCKING-WAR.

BEARDED UNION INFANTRYMAN: Sir what shall we do with those 300 Reb prisoners we just done captured?

BEARDED SARGEANT: Dunno yet.  Corporal Jebediah still a-draftin' the charging papers.

BUI: What we chargin' them with, sarge?

BS: The same things as those thousands of others we done captured before: SHOOTING AT US DURING A CIVIL-FUCKING-WAR! Consarn it.

Maybe they should have just slaughtered the prisoners like King Richard did at Acre during the Third Crusade.  That worked out well for him.

Oh wait.

Anyway, I find it interesting that, in the Paulbot calculus, Lincoln's suspension of habeas wasn't outweighed by his other accomplishments in the advancement of liberty.  Things like, oh, I don't know, ENDING SLAVERY?

When you see the world as only black and white, you can only pick one color.  When you do, it often makes you look stupid. No matter which one you choose.


Lucifer said...

I'm all for the Kool-Aid Guy's new ice-cube hotness...or something.

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