Saturday, February 18, 2012

The King of Memes

Our old pal King Baniaiaiaiaiaiain + Union activist jackwagons = KAR gold baby!

Check it:

When John Pederson, Steve Gottwalt and King Banaian scheduled Friday night's town hall meeting at St. Cloud's Public Library, they had no way of knowing that public employee unions were planning on disrupting it. Things didn't get ugly immediately but it didn't take long before things got out of control.


In fact, the most confrontational moment came when Rep. Banaian was answering another right-to-work question. Jerry Albertine interrupted, saying “Don’t sit there with your hairspray and your tie, you’ve never worked labor, and say you know what the unions are about.”

Oh snap!

Ladies and gentlemen: the birth of a meme!

Make your own!

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Sisyphus said...

I think we all owe the Nihilist in Golf Pants a debt of gratitude.

Due to one of his Fraters posts, a picture of the cute but dense Rep. Melin appears on the first page of the King Banaian image search -- a much needed palate cleanser.