Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Animal Farm 2: Revenge of the Sheep - Part Three

Part one here; Part two here.

Election day.

Resigned to the fact that his fate was now out of his hands, Fuzzy spent the day with his few supporters in the remote corner of the paddock that he had become quite familiar with over the past several months. Earlier, he put on a brave face, cast his vote, and tried to ignore the constant sarcastic bleating from his fellow sheep.

Thoughts of his other campaign misteps raced through his head. That embarrassing press conference. His agreement to engage in a debate with Bobo that was moderated by Simian - Bobo's own dimwitted brother. Talk about a railroad job...

He laid down and buried his snout in his trotters.

I am a real sheep, am I not?

I was born this way. I have lived my life proudly as a sheep.

To whom do I owe my loyalty? To the sheep or to the whole Barnyard Crew? Are not the cows and the horses residents of the Barnyard as well?

A wave of solace washed over Fuzzy once he understood that he did indeed do the right thing. It would have been a grave mistake to accept that effete idiot Lurch, who had never accomplished anything remotely approaching the successful management of a large integrated farm in his life. There were wolves and coyotes constantly testing the Barnyard fence. Lurch had no idea how to deal with them. And Lurch hadn't the first clue what would happen if he sheared the sheep twice as much and cut back on the amount of grass the cows could eat.

Ironically, the flock constantly referred to Farmer McTree as an "idiot". But by their behavior during this ordeal revealed that it was they who were the idiots. Life in the Barnyard had never been better, yet they instead chose to focus on the irrelevant shiny object dangling just out of their reach.


The votes wouldn't be counted for another several hours. Fuzzy took a swig of water, and resolved never to drink the kool aid again.


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