Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Beverly wields her Bitch Stick


Beverly Golberg of St. Paul hates rich people. It might be a case on envy, but I’m putting my money on hate. Good old-fashioned Lefty hate.

The seething hatred the Left loves to heap on people who are successful and live their lives accordingly. The kind of hate they don’t heap on successful Lefties – Barbara Streisand comes to mind – because they have their hearts in the right place.

Beverly is bitter and admits as much, “My mind went spinning out on a deliciously satisfying rampage of finger pointing and blame placing. But after my bitter little tantrum ran its course, I turned my attention to the sweet pleasure I find in living small.”

“Small” is the operative word here. Yes, Beverly, you are a small-minded individual who hates people who have a different definition of success.

I, however would like to thank you for living a small life because it leaves more for me to consume. Enjoy your “one flat of Petunias”, because of you I can now have the 10 I need to make an impact on my front yard.

Thank you also for only purchasing two pairs of shoes. I now have enough for my whole family to have three pairs each (that’s 18 total pairs, not counting the several pairs of hockey skates).

Thank you for having a sidewalk that does not need to be cleared with a snow blower, which leaves more gas for mine.

And your bookshelf stereo uses so little electricity, I can blast my surround sound system until my walls shake.

Thank you, Beverly Golberg of St. Paul, for all you do to make my life easier.

Now, if I may leave you with a small piece of advice: Turn off MPR, it’s melting what’s left of your small brain.

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