Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Can someone help me?

Someone please explain the logic of this one from today’s SPPP:

Women's rights still at issue

I recently tried to co-sign a loan with my daughter for a used car she was buying. I'm a stay-at-home mom and have five joint accounts at this bank. I have done business with the bank for over a decade.

We were denied the loan, because I don't have an earned income. My husband had to be called in to co-sign the loan.

With all the talk about family values from the far right, who control the economy, banks and legislation, I find it interesting that they do not appreciate the value of stay-at-home mothers and make it impossible for us to access our own money. I thought we dealt with this in the '60s.


Wow, Susan, you truly are a freaking idiot. The ignorance your letter spews is stupefying.

Show me, please, where the “far right” made a law forbidding a bank from allowing a married woman from co-signing a loan because she is a stay-at-home-mom without an income of her own. You can’t, Susan, because it ain’t there you stupid, stupid woman.

Perhaps the loan officer was being kind by offering you a phony excuse rather than denying you the loan because you are an irrational lunatic.

It’s amazing what Lefties like you want to blame Righties for.

What else do you want to pin on the “far right”, genital warts, toe fungus, your three functioning brain cells?

Besides, everybody knows it’s the Jews who control the banks.

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