Thursday, November 10, 2005

CIA Black Sites

The CIA black sites revealed in the November 2, Washington Post is beginning to take off as a story. I, for one, am a bit surprised that it has taken so long to get moving.

I found this post on a blog by Kevin Drum at the Washington Monthly web site and felt compelled to respond.

For those who are disturbed by the existence of these black sites I have a simple message:

Grow the hell up and start living in the real world!

It is time you come to terms with the fact that evils exists in the world and good people have to do bad things to destroy that evil. No amount of protesting, praying and singing of hymns will change that fact and until you Lefty, pacifists, crybabies shut your pie holes and let the CIA get on with the work they have to do that evil will continue to grow.

While I agree that a war free world is preferable to what we currently have, what you, my Lefty, pacifists, crybaby friends are missing is the part of the brain that tells you that what you seek cannot be found.

Wanting it is fine, expecting it is childish. And there’s a reason we don’t give autonomy to children.

If you don’t want to grow up and face reality, then get the hell out of the way and let the adults do what they have to do to keep your sorry asses safe from the Islamofascist swine who won’t rest until the US, Israel, and Europe are wiped off the map.

That’s all. I’m done for nowl, and for the week.

I’m going to take advantage of tomorrow’s weather to finish picking up the leaves in my yard. Actually, I’ll be sucking them up with my gas-powered blower/vac. I love a good two-cycle engine. Mixing oil with the gas is a true pleasure.

See ‘ya Monday.

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