Monday, November 14, 2005

Help, Help! You're Being Oppressed!

One of the duller witted bleating sheep, MNObserver, again provides me with material:

PROPOSITION: Liberals are angry, humorless people who wouldn't get a joke if it bit them in the ass.

Evidence against proposition.

Compelling evidence for proposition.

Of course, I do pride myself on the fact that you need to have a higher IQ than a cabbage to actually appreciate some of the humor here.

But for those that don't, we sometimes offer poop humor as well.

Oh, and apparently I'm oppressing y'all.

No, wait. Let me quote her. This is precious:

Learned Foot, Oppression is thy middle name.

..Because of this post????

ANNOUNCEMENT: Everybody is to remit $100 to me at once, or I shall oppress you further.

MNOb claims to be an attorney. Who wants to bet her area of practice is PI? I can afford to make a bet like this since I am about to experience a windfall funded by my oppressed minions.

MEMO TO MNOB: In the off-chance that you were trying to be funny, please stop. Go back to what you do best: displaying a stunning lack of comprehension and regurgitating DFL talking points.

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