Sunday, November 13, 2005

Iron Maiden Can Teach Us a Lot About Being Ignored By the MSM

It isn't me, it's someone else. -Iron Maiden

Last week the Strib introduced a new feature on its Commentary page called the "Blog House". This feature, written by one Tim O'Brien, summarizes the blog buzz on the more compelling topics of the week. I think it's a fantasic idea for the Strib, since the only thing local bloggers love more than banging on the Strib is reading about themselves.

Anyhow, regarding last week's premiere installment of the "Blog House," Rew - she of the Power Liberal - lamented the lack of representation of the local lefty blogs.

Oh Look! A liberal whining about something! Get it into the late edition! Maybe even devote a special section to it!

Never mind that the biggest local lefty blog is basically a nothing more than a string of profanities with hyperlinks writen by a bitter middle-aged douchebag who - shockingly - hates wingnuts (a "wingnut" being anybody to the right of George McGovern). O'Brien noted her complaint in yesterday's edition (thereby mentioning one of the two local lefty blogs worth reading).

So if all it takes to get one's name in print is bitch to the author of the column, count me in:

Hey O'Brien! Instead of reprinting some whiny complaint about your failure to abide by the lefty-blogs' Afirmative Action quota program, how about pointing your readers to something that they give a crap about. For example, I bet when you were in J school you never thought you'd have the oportunity to write the following copy:

The Kool Aid Report passed along a message from God to Pat Robertson. In response to Robertson's recent controversial remarks about Dover Pennsylvania, God dressed down Robertson with a profanity-laced tirade. In another message, God seemed to insinuate that he hates soccer.

Yes, Tim: you could have written that "God gave a profanity-laced tirade." But you blew it. And you'll probably never have that opportunity again.

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