Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Milwaukee Sentinel Journal to Justice Thomas: "You isn't black 'nuf"

We all saw Learned Foot's justified screed over the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal's assessment of the Supreme Court in a post-Alito confirmation scenario. The MSJ only hinted at what it really wanted to say when it said Justice Clarence Thomas should have an asterisk next to his name, because he really isn't "black".

And these people say conservatives are the racists.

Here is what they really wanted to say, and might as well have written:

"Yo Thomas! Youz a strayed a might too far from the plantation, and now youz gone an become da house boy in da massas crib. We cant be down wit what youz sayin, cuz youz talk all ejucated an propah...Is like you don even have the love for da home boyz no mo. Now you know it aint no thing, but peeps like yall sho nuf ought not act like dat, cuz you aint representin for da hood, word? Differnt story if youz appointed by Billy C., and knew da score on things an such...not hangin wit da man. You best step off now an turn in da card cuz you really aint one of us fo sho, word?"

Hey MSJ! Just say it how you mean it.

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