Thursday, November 10, 2005

Moron Mail: Special Bleating Sheep Edition

The bleating can be heard all the way across the river on the moonbat lefty hive known as the Strib letters page (though it should be noted that today the Strib printed a whole 2 letters from the Right. Keep up the improvement guys!):

Time for cooperation

While I confess to being "influenced" by St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly's endorsement of President Bush in 2004 and his cozy relationship with members of the Republican Party, the reason I opposed his reelection was because he has alienated many on the St. Paul City Council and the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners and in the Legislature, as well as the St. Paul citizens who serve as volunteers on their district councils.

This election should give them reason to hope for improved and constructive relations in the future.

JOE VINE, ST. PAUL (name has been edited)

Ah yes. The "alienation" thing. Kelly's "alienation" of all those groups really had a bad effect on Saint Paul.

Oh wait - it didn't; the city is thriving.


Logic, not anger

I resent the frequently heard comments that St. Paulites "punished" Randy Kelly for his endorsement of President Bush.

Punishment had nothing to do with my decision to vote for Chris Coleman. I do not approve of Bush, his actions and his values. If Kelly does, then he clearly didn't represent my beliefs.
Electing a new mayor was a choice made with logic, not anger.

JANE EWE, ST. PAUL (name has been edited)

I'll tread lightly here because Jane is a obviously a superior intellect. After all, she invoked "logic".

As if there this isn't a logical train of "thought" as well:

I hate George Bushitler and everything he stands for.

I hate anybody that likes George Bush.

Randy Kelly likes George Bush.

THEREFORE I hate Randy Kelly.

See that's logic. Not higher level thinking or anything like that, but it is logical. I suppose that Jane's letters page droolings could also be characterized as such:

Saint Paul is thriving.

The mayor's job is to be the chief administrator of the city.

Randy Kelly as mayor, had some role in the city's success.

Mayors whose leadership makes their cities successful are classified as "good mayors".

"Good mayors" deserve to be reelected.

BUT, Randy Kelly endorsed George Bush.

And George Bush does not share my "values".

Which means that Randy Kelly does not share my "values".

And my values trump an effective mayor, even if that means the guy I vote for to replace him is a complete tool whose policies will drag the city into the sewer.

THEREFORE Randy Kelly should be voted out of office.

Jane's logic sure is powerful, ain't it? Perhaps if we found a turnip that shared Jane's values, she would have voted for it.

Oh wait, they did that. Its name is "Chris Coleman". Well we'll soon get to see if a turnip with "superior" "values" can run a city.

Hey, if you sheeple want a close genetic relative of Nonmonkey running your city, more power to ya'. Just don't move into my neighborhood once the city becomes too expensive to live in.

Oh, and one more thing, which I will put in words that y'all can understand:

Baaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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