Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh Look: A Lefty Being a Dick!!! Redux.

Here is my first impression: it's a stunt. A fishing expedition. An attempt by a couple of penis heads (probably at the suggestion of other penis heads) to see if they can intimidate MDE's server to cough up his name.

Two reasons why I think this:

1) Available remedies. Did MDE's posting of a picture (with attribution and linkage) from a second third fourth fifth thirtieth-rate blog cause a financial loss to the penis heads who run that blog? (Answer: no).

And do they really have the cash to pay an attorney to get (a) a subpoena to compel the server to disclose MDE's name, and (b) prosecute an action for injunctive relief to remedy an alleged wrong that MDE has already rectified and probably will not repeat?

2) Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.


Why does all the interesting shit happen when I'm going out of town?

I've been in touch with the Exposer, and as soon as he comes through with some of the information I requested, I'll be better able to tell just how serious the penis heads are.

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