Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Susan Lenfestey's Brain is Dead. Get Over It.

But not before bidding her a fond "farewell" first.

If "the point" were represented by a dart board located in a bar in Southwest Minneapolis, Susan Lenfestey would be the dart landing somewhere in Ulan Bator:

Yet those of us who admired Paul Wellstone's courageous vote against invading Iraq, and grieve for all that was lost, are ridiculed by those on the right and told to get over it.

So it was truly bizarre to have right-wing columnist Katherine Kersten be the one to bring them up Sunday, not to mourn them, but to criticize, one more time, the memorial service that went awry.

I know that we are supposed to tone down our rhetoric and use indoor voices, so I will try to say this politely: Ms. Kersten, have you no shame?

For thousands of people, but particularly those who had to plan this service, it was a time of the most profound raw grief they'd ever known. The irony is that there was very little planning at all for the memorial, other than the sheer logistics, all done by people who had not slept, who had buried their best friends, parents, sister, colleagues the day before.


Kersten calls the memorial a huge political miscalculation, yet in fact there was no political thinking at all. If there had been, do Kersten and her cohorts on the right, like Vin Weber, who pounced on this gaffe with partisan glee, truly think we Democrats would have been so stupid as to use such a tactic in an attempt to win votes? Blinding grief was guiding that service and nothing more.

Ha ha ha. Susan you silly goose: we didn't complain about you people using a "memorial" service as a political rally nearly as much as we rejoiced that you all revealed yourselves to the world as you really are, without your shield of the carefully crafted messages and sound bites you typically hide behind.

You showed the world that you truly believe that personal actualization and America's greatness come not from individual efforts, but from politicians.

You showed us your class; booing those from opposing parties who only wished to pay their respects to a fallen colleague.

You showed us that - while many of you believe that evangelical Christianity is dangerous - the deification of an ineffectual far-left-wing Senator was an acceptable substitute for sincerely held religious conviction.

You showed us your hunger for power, by the very act of mentioning the upcoming election; and then cheering wildly as speakers exhorted you to "win this election for Paul".

You showed us your true motivations by your stated desires at that memorial -to loud applause - to fulfill Wellstone's vision of America. A vision that looked frighteningly similar to Cuba.

Before the memorial service we saw Wellstoners like you Susan, as a bunch of devoted, but harmless kookballs. Afterwards...

Well, there's no substitute for an informed electorate.

And that's why Mondale lost.

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