Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Top 10* Things on KAR That Are Made Up or Exaggerated For Humorous Purposes

* (One worse than a top 11 list)

For those in the Surreality Based Community that have a hard time with humor, here's a little primer to help you better understand KAR:

10. OPG is actually a fictional character, created so LearnedFoot can rant about football and insult Vikings fans with impunity.

9. Dementee doesn't really eat people.

8. Dementee doesn't always talk like Cookie Monster.

7. Iron Maiden really can't teach us all that much.

6. Bill is actually better at gift-wrapping than at berry pie decorating; not vice versa.

5. Kool Aid Guy never got married. Or divorced.

4. We actually think Millard Fillmore was a crappy president.

3. We all think Mauve is a crappy color.

2. We never had a clandestine nuclear program, even though a certain local columnist thought that we did.

1. We were not really breathlessly outraged at the Strib for mentioning Power Liberal.

Hope that helps.

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