Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Unteachable Ignorance of Joe Bodell

*pinches bridge of nose*

*rubs eyes*


Oh look - Joe Bodell knows me better than I do:

*rolls eyes*

far be it for me to put anyone from the local conservative internet messaging machine on the same pedestal as Feldman does before knocking them off...but if you needed another example of what he's talking about, here it is:

The "Feldman" Joe refers to is nome guy who just wrote a book (which will sell dozens of copies, I'm sure) about how mean and nasty Republicans use "aggressive" rhetoric; presumably he's never perused Democratic Underground.

And he quotes this post of mine, as emblematic of such "violent" rhetoric:

Ah here's something reality based:

The Republican party, as long as I can remember, has been the party of smear tactics and identity politics. Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached bottom when people actually believe that Truth and Fact lie in the mere assertion of their own self-constructed, half-informed "realities," no matter how fraudulent or absurd. This isn't just a falsehood. It's bizarro world. This guy's perception of reality is the exact, symmetrical, perfect opposite of reality.

These people are killing our republic.

There's a couple of things you need to understand in order to get KAR, or me (as the two are indeed separable) before we can get into Joe's passive-aggressive (oh, hey - there's that "aggressive" word again) bitching:

1) This ThunderJournal needs to be taken as a whole; a body of work. We tend to go off on jags and running jokes than span several posts, if not several months. Joe only comes over here to visit when our url pops up on his site meter. That particular post was just the latest is a short string of recent posts expressing exasperation over some leftybloggers' propensity to proclaim something as fact that is at best an opinion and at worst an outright and obvious falsehood with nothing more to back up the assertion. Oddly enough, this is what Bodell accuses me of here, and the irony should not be lost on you.

He likes it that way, because he apparently prefers to wallow in willful ignorance (when it comes to political screeding anyway) than be forced to take a more, shall we say, self-critical approach to his babblings. Of course this is a problem that is rampant across the internet, and present company certainly cannot exempt itself from this particular sin. So let's not be too hard on Joe.

2) I am not a Republican. I am an anti-Democrat, who will likely write in "Bacon" as my vote for President come November. I am not a part of a "messaging machine" like Joe Bodell is. I am not a registered Republican, I have never given a dime of my money nor a minute of my time to the party. Anyone who has read more than 3 sentences of this ThunderJournal knows that. I blog about what I want when I want, and unlike Joe, I don't get paid to do it by super-rich currency speculators.

3) KAR is first and foremost a humor ThunderJournal, centered primarily around the wretched state of civic an political discourse that Joe Bodell and his cohorts (like at his other paying gig Minnesoros Monitor) poop out on a daily basis. The entire reason for KAR's existence can be traced back to Jane Smiley's execrable 2004 article "The Unteachable Ignorance of the Red States" which was basically a mass slander of some 60 million people. I merely felt that elitist left wing douches weren't being insulted enough, so I thought I'd do my tiny part. I certainly didn't have such lofty designs for this blog like writing a daily complaint or hit piece about the sitting senator / governor / or congressperson of the opposite party. Call it "having a life".

4) We write for our audience (which, I hasten to add, spans the political spectrum). You don't need to be a "rightie" to get it. You just need a brain, a sense of humor and a knee that doesn't jerk. We don't write for clueless, imperious and dyspeptic activists. Except for Andy Aplikowski.

Got that, Joe? Did you even read that? No? Figured as much.

Now, having duly informed you of how we roll here, let's get on to Joe's complaint about that hurriedly dashed off throwaway Saturday post of mine:

No attempt to actually discuss the claims made by the MNCR diarist. No thoughtful rhetorical solution offered

What is the solution to stupid generalizations proffered by a kool aid addled activist who couldn't be persuaded that the sky was blue if it weren't on the Democratic Party's platform?

whereby the Republican Party comes out looking like the superior moral force in American politics.

Please consult number four above, and note: nobody, including the author of the Republican hit-book that Bodell fawns over in his post, actually believes that identity politics is not the sole domain of the Democratic party in any major way.

That is, except for Bodell and his co-diarist.

How many examples do I need to drag out? Since I'm writing for my audience, they've already read most of them.

Just a post tagged with such wonderfully vitriolic terms as "cleveland steamer" (if you don't know, don't ask),

It's funny to write.

"loser", "hacktackular",

Actually, Joe, your former paid propagandist colleague Jeff "The Wingnut Slayer" Fecke, coined that term. I believe, he even tagged a post of his about me with it once.

Yikes! Another preconceived notion exploded.

Oh, who am I kidding, Joe's not reading this. And the more I read his passive-aggressive sanctimonious manufactured outrage, the more I'm convinced the the "loser" tag was well earned.

and "pure unrelenting deep deep stupidity." Oh, and apparently those who write on liberal blogs are killing the republic.

Your diarist fired first pallie. Besides, nothing I wrote was provably false.

And you seem to have forgotten about the "hubris" tag.

Nice. LF could be a bit more violent

Drama queen.

by describing in detail how liberal bloggers are murdering and eviscerating our form of government -- personally, I don't see it -- but really, the post would come no closer to actually furthering a pragmatic discussion about anything but how much conservative bloggers hate their liberal counterparts.

Compare that to the fine upstanding way Joe Bodell rolls:

1) Read something that might me construed as racist or (pick your victim IDENTITY - hmmm, there's that word again)-ist on Anti-strib.

2) Impute that statement to everybody on that blog's blogroll.

3) Avoid addressing perfectly legitimate "guilt by association" rebuttals by characterizing them as "name calling".

4) Drool on self (OK, just guessing on this one).

Sorry Joe. What's threatening the Republic is that your piddle and that of your co-blogger is what passes for civic discourse and debate online nowadays. Because of people like you and your tactics we get Reverend Wright, Hillary's possible lesbian affair with a hot staffer, Al Franken's inability to dissolve a corporation, fraudulent 60 minutes hit-pieces, Blo N Go and critiques of John McCain's teeth. (Please note, everybody, that I was pretty inclusive there.)

People like you don't see fellow citizens. You see enemies to be marginalized and defeated. You see interest groups and victim groups where sane people like us see individuals. We refuse to engage in "the debate" because we realize that none exists online in any legitimate form. That's what we get for proliferating a medium of communication in which we are never forced to meet people face to face, and where people are rarely held accountable for their lies.

That's why we ridicule those too blind or condescending to see that. That's why we call you on your irresponsibly absurd assertions. See number 3 above.

And, at least when we fling out the odd ad hominem, we try to find out something about the target. What does it say about you that you don't even bother to do that?

Hate to bother your tender, eggshell sensibilities, Snowflake, but I must tag this post:

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