Saturday, July 18, 2009

To Ken Weiner

...Or Ken Avidor (just to make sure you get your vanity google alert).

Dear Mentally Ill Drama Queen:

Notwithstanding your long-held obsession with Mitch Berg;

And notwithstanding your history of shopping around whatever "dirt" you may have on him to fellow left-wing douchebloggers;

And notwithstanding your publishing "dirt" you think you have on Berg on some hastily-erected blog created solely for that purpose and none other;

And notwithstanding the fact that you weren't really curious enough to find out that the source of most of this "dirt" was from a fellow crazy person who's been subject to at least one restraining order;

And notwithstanding that for the past several years, through your "art" and your half-witted "writing," you have shown yourself to be an unstable, hate-filled zealot;

And notwithstanding the fact you stalk people you hate:

Nobody actually thinks you burned down Mitch Berg's garage.

But by all means, continue to protest your innocence (which nobody seriously impugned). The police will be sure to take notice sooner or later.

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